Chelsea Close to Finalizing Attacker Signing – But Facing a Hurdle to Overcome

Chelsea Close to Finalizing Attacker Signing – But Facing a Hurdle to Overcome

Chelsea’s potential acquisition of David Washington from Santos appears to be on the brink of completion, yet a minor complication has arisen between the two clubs.

As widely documented, AS Monaco secured a preferential clause for the player. This agreement was established just last month during negotiations for the transfer of Jean Lucas from the Brazilian club to Monaco.

The terms entailed allowing Jean Lucas to depart for a slightly reduced fee, provided Monaco was granted a preference clause pertaining to Deivid Washington. Essentially, any offer made for the forward would necessitate informing Monaco, affording them the opportunity to match the bid.

Upon Chelsea’s submission of an offer for Deivid Washington, Monaco was duly notified and proceeded to extend their own proposal. However, according to journalist Jorge Nicola, the French club’s offer surpasses that of Chelsea’s by €1 million.

This predicament leaves Santos in a quandary. One potential solution is to negotiate with Chelsea for an additional payment of one million euros to overcome the disparity.

Alternatively, Monaco retains the option to raise the matter with FIFA, potentially leading to complications for the Brazilian side.

Reportedly, Chelsea’s bid for Deivid Washington consists of €15 million upfront, along with an additional €5 million in potential bonuses. These extra bonuses would be triggered by Chelsea’s qualification for the Champions League at least once within the next five years.

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