Chelsea made high move after Cristiano Ronaldo burns all his bridges at Manchester United

Chelsea made high move after Cristiano Ronaldo burns all his bridges at Manchester United

Recently, two of the biggest boobs in entertainment got together and produced an interview that is so utterly absurd that it almost has to be seen to be believed — once it airs later this week; so far, only a few key clips have been released, though they are already having the greatest impact.

However, I can’t truly advise you to do that because Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan are the subjects of this interview. Think of the Romelu Lukaku interview from this time last year, but with Lukaku chasing around a box of matches and a huge can of lighter fluid.

And the details don’t really worry me, with false-Ronaldo complaining about his alleged treatment at Manchester United while simultaneously tearing down relationships with the team, his teammates, and his head coach. There doesn’t seem to be any other option, not that either party would want to at this time, one would assume.

That last part worries me because Chelsea was made the bookmakers’ favorite as Cristiano Ronaldo’s next club right away. (AS Roma is not far behind.)

Fortunately, bookmaker odds are more dependent on the credulity of prospective consumers than they are on the representation of realistic possibilities. However, we also know that Chelsea co-owner and (still) acting sporting director Todd Boehly only sees money when he considers Cristiano’s otherwise toxic presence, and unlike in the summer, Thomas Tuchel’s checks and balances are no longer in place. Graham Potter is rumored to share Tuchel’s sensibilities in this regard, but his resolve hasn’t been put to the test, and given the team’s recent results, he might not have as much clout right now.

So yeah, please Mr. Todd, keep your distance in case you read this, see the headlines, get bored, or whatever. Thank you so much!

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