“He would be a great signing” – Florent Malouda tells Chelsea to sign this £200,000 per week world-class striker

“He would be a great signing” – Florent Malouda tells Chelsea to sign this £200,000 per week world-class striker

Why Florent Malouda Believes Chelsea Should Sign Harry Kane

Former Chelsea star Florent Malouda recently spoke out about his thoughts on Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, stating that Chelsea should definitely consider signing him. In this article, we will explore Malouda’s reasoning behind his opinion and the potential benefits Kane could bring to Chelsea.

Kane’s Trophy-Less Stint at Tottenham

Despite scoring an impressive 270 goals for Tottenham, Kane has yet to win a major trophy with the club. Malouda believes that this could be a significant factor in Kane’s decision to leave Tottenham.

The Need for a Striker at Chelsea

Chelsea is currently lacking a striker with the ability to consistently score goals and win trophies. Malouda believes that Kane’s goalscoring record and ambition to win could be the perfect solution to Chelsea’s striker problem.

Kane’s Premier League Experience

As a proven and established Premier League player, Kane would be a great fit for Chelsea. Malouda notes that Kane’s knowledge of the league would give him an edge in adapting to Chelsea’s playing style.

The Rivalry Between Tottenham and Chelsea

Malouda acknowledges that there is a rivalry between Tottenham and Chelsea, which could make Kane’s potential move to Chelsea more difficult. However, he believes that Kane’s desire to win trophies could outweigh any hesitation he may have about joining a rival club.

In summary, Florent Malouda believes that Harry Kane would be a great signing for Chelsea due to his goalscoring record, Premier League experience, and ambition to win trophies. While the rivalry between Tottenham and Chelsea could present a challenge, Malouda thinks that anything is possible in the world of football. If Kane were to leave Tottenham, Malouda believes that Chelsea would be the perfect club for him.

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