Manchester United and Chelsea are interested Response from Declan Rice to “annoying” transfer rumors

Declan Rice, the captain of West Ham, says he finds the persistent rumors about his future “annoying” and affirms that he will not be moving this summer.

The 23-year-old has played 32 times for England and has established himself as a mainstay in the Hammers’ midfield since he was a teenager.

Rice, a capable and commanding figure in the middle of the park, has been associated with clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City for years, but he still plays an important role in David Moyes’ plans for east London.

The Hammers are not in a hurry to offload their most precious asset because Rice has two years left on his contract with the team and the option to extend it by another year.

Although Rice’s departure from West Ham looks likely over the next three years, he insists it won’t happen this year, and the constant speculation about his future is tiresome.

I will lead West Ham this year as captain. It’s a privilege, Rice said to Sky Sports.

“Whatever occurs off the field resolves itself.” That is beyond my control. Being the greatest player I can be every time I put on the shirt is something I can control.

The numerals that are associated with your name are bothersome. You obviously have no influence over that at all.

There are times when you read or see things that you don’t want to hear because they are untrue. I can’t really control that, as I indicated.

All I can do, and what I’ve been doing for the past several seasons, is get out onto the field, play football, and be happy. That represents the trust the manager has in me. I suppose all that speculating is what comes with playing well.

Nothing has actually occurred, according to government records. I’ve always maintained that there is no use in talking about anything until anything actually occurs.

“I play for West Ham and am under contract there.” Always respect that from me. I want to be the best player and give my all every time I put on the uniform.

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