Rio Ferdinand Says Todd Boehly wants Thomas Tuchel to drop Chelsea star and confirms 4-4-3 gaffe

Rio Ferdinand Says Todd Boehly wants Thomas Tuchel to drop Chelsea star and confirms 4-4-3 gaffe

Rio Ferdinand alleges that Todd Boehly, a co-owner of Chelsea, tried to sway Thomas Tuchel’s team decisions prior to the German’s dismissal by mistakenly suggesting he attempt a 4-4-3 formation.

After the west London club’s 1-0 loss to Dinamo Zagreb, the Champions League-winning manager unexpectedly lost his job last week. Off-the-field problems and a deterioration in his relationship with Chelsea’s new owners are thought to be the main causes.

Former Manchester United defender Ferdinand now alleges that Boehly’s interference with the team caused tension, even implying that the American wanted to see Edouard Mendy benched.

Ferdinand responded on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube show when it was suggested that Boehly’s decision to be so hands-on was a mistake: “Especially when there’s a lot of wild opinions and wild things being said behind the scenes, like with formations and with certain individual players that the new ownership want out of the team.”

I believe Mendy would be one of them in terms of his distribution and ball-kicking. Additionally, I’m not sure if an owner should be discussing tactics-related matters. You should let your boss handle things as he is on site.

Boehly and co-owner Behdad Eghbali were said to have created a strategy for Tuchel that included a 4-4-3 configuration with an additional player on the field, and Ferdinand claimed to have heard the same things.

He continued, addressing the alleged gaffe: “[It’s a nice formation] if you can get away with having one extra person on the field!” They are the same stories I’m hearing about attempts to sway player selection.

You can see why a manager could push back at that point and ask, “Woah woah woah, what’s going on here,” when you reach that stage.

Given his nature and character, Tuchel probably would have regarded that and exclaimed, “Woah, I’m not taking that!

I don’t believe Thomas Tuchel is that manager. Some other managers could have reasoned, “It’s new owners so I’ll do as they say and I’ll dance to their tune.

“The prior management team, from what I’m hearing, they were pretty alright with having dialogues [with Boehly] , talking and dialoguing, and handing over the material at the beginning,” he continued.

However, it eventually grew tiresome, and a few weeks before to their dismissal, there was a noticeable change in how the new ownership viewed them.

They weren’t as interesting, and I don’t believe there was any meaningful contact or conversation for a few weeks. Therefore, I believe that they were aware of the writing on the wall.

“I believe the main question a lot of Chelsea insiders have is: why let him have the money if you knew you were going to get rid of him,” he continued.

It’s obvious that they don’t understand football. It needs to be. This man is knowledgeable about managing American sports organizations, yet the models used to transfer and recruit athletes are extremely different.

I don’t know any companies in any other industry, including football, that would permit someone in charge to spend a quarter of a billion pounds before telling them, “But you’re not going to run it for us,” and having someone else take over. I believe there has been a lack of understanding in that area.

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