Scott McTominay-related message from Christian Eriksen to Manchester United supporters

According to Christian Eriksen, Scott McTominay has performed admirably for Manchester United this year, and the two are forming a “nice bond.”

Prior to Thursday’s Europa League loss to Real Sociedad, Scotland’s McTominay and summer signing Eriksen had won four straight Premier League games for United.

McTominay has received a lot of flak in recent years from both supporters and commentators, with former United captain Roy Keane declaring the midfielder “not good enough” after a loss earlier in the season.

Eriksen, though, expressed his admiration for his new teammate in the following words to MUTV: “Scott has done extremely well and I think you can see that from the games.”

‘I believe in the first few we were kind of looking for each other and seeing where we are, but now I think we are starting to develop a good connection and a good feeling of where you should be, and also because the manager has the places he would like us to be in.

So, first and foremost, we must concentrate on our partnership while also concentrating on where the management wants us to be.

“I think it went well, but also, when you win games, it’s simply easier to look back, the confidence grows, and you forget the little mistakes you make and remember the positive things,” said the player.

“There are a lot of things we can improve on, but the path we’re on is positive,”

McTominay’s chances of making the first team looked dismal after Manchester United acquired Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro in the summer, but he has continued to play a significant role under new boss Erik ten Hag.

This season, McTominay may still be greatly relied upon even if he is benched, especially with the addition of five substitutes.

Prior to the mid-season World Cup, United has a busy schedule that includes multiple games each week in the Premier League, Europa League, and Carabao Cup.

The entire squad will be crucial, said Eriksen, and I believe this is a fantastic year to have five substitutions because it will relieve pressure on many players and offer the manager more alternatives.

The players that have entered the game recently [in Premier League games] have performed admirably; they are eager to establish their worth. Additionally, the young men strive to establish their credibility.

We have a lot of games ahead of us and the club has a lot of talent, so I believe we need a good and strong effort from everyone. Thus, everyone of us must compete for our positions.

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