“Still can’t believe we have him, what a player” – Fans hail Chelsea star after brilliant performance against Leicester City

“Still can’t believe we have him, what a player” – Fans hail Chelsea star after brilliant performance against Leicester City

Enzo Fernandez Praised for his Remarkable Assist in Chelsea’s Victory over Leicester City

Chelsea fans have been in awe of the team’s new midfielder Enzo Fernandez, who played an outstanding role in Chelsea’s recent win over Leicester City. Fernandez’s brilliant assist led to Kai Havertz’s goal in the 3-1 victory over Leicester City on Saturday.

Enzo Fernandez’s Exceptional Performance

The young midfielder, who joined Chelsea during the last transfer window, has already become a fan favorite. Chelsea fans have been raving about his exceptional skills on the field, particularly his ability to create scoring opportunities. Fernandez has a natural flair for playmaking and is known for his creativity, speed, and precision.

Chelsea fans are thrilled to have a midfielder like Fernandez on the team, especially after years of waiting for a worthy replacement for former midfielder Cesc Fabregas. Fans have been praising Fernandez’s ability to defend as well as attack, making him an all-around asset to the team.

Fans’ Reactions to Enzo Fernandez’s Performance

After the game, fans took to social media to express their admiration for Enzo Fernandez’s performance. One fan wrote on Instagram, “Still can’t believe we have Enzo, what a player.” Another fan commented, “We finally have a creative midfielder, and God, he can defend as well.”

Some fans even speculated about the possibilities of Fernandez and other Chelsea players working together to create more scoring opportunities. One fan wrote, “Imagine if Werner stayed, Enzo will deliver a lot of beautiful passes.”

The Future of Chelsea with Enzo Fernandez

It’s clear that Enzo Fernandez has become a vital part of Chelsea’s midfield, and fans are excited to see what he will bring to the team in the future. With his exceptional performance and natural talent, Fernandez is sure to play a significant role in Chelsea’s upcoming games.

Enzo Fernandez’s performance during Chelsea’s recent win over Leicester City has been nothing short of outstanding. With his ability to create scoring opportunities and his all-around skills on the field, Fernandez has become a fan favorite and an essential part of the Chelsea team.

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