“We Need Them” Mauricio Pochettino names two players he wants to sign after Chelsea beat Luton

“We Need Them” Mauricio Pochettino names two players he wants to sign after Chelsea beat Luton

After Chelsea’s comfortable 3-0 triumph over Luton at Stamford Bridge on Friday, which marked Mauricio Pochettino’s first victory as manager, Raheem Sterling netted two goals and assisted Nicolas Jackson in scoring his debut goal for the Blues.

Despite the impressive performances displayed by Jackson and Sterling against Luton Town, Pochettino has emphasized his ongoing desire to acquire additional talent. He specifically expressed his interest in bringing in another forward and a goalkeeper.

Pochettino affirmed, “Similar to last week, our transfer plans will remain consistent regardless of the outcome of the match. We continue to work diligently, and today’s positive result doesn’t alter that. We are engaged in discussions. We are looking for a goalkeeper and an offensive player who fits the right profile. Our objective is to identify and secure the specific profile we believe the team needs.”

He further explained, “Our approach doesn’t hinge on whether we win or lose; it’s about maintaining a balanced team. We still require another offensive player, provided we can find someone who aligns with our desired criteria. We won’t make a hasty decision just to bring in a player. The player must match the profile we’re seeking.”

Responding to inquiries about the “right profile,” he elaborated, “We’re looking for a player with a distinct skill set—one who can play as a striker, on the side, or in a supporting role. The possibilities are open, and the final decision will depend on the specific attributes we’re seeking.”

Pochettino concluded by stating, “In the upcoming days, we will be making some determinations.”

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